Flat slide carb

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Flat slide carb

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Log in or Join. Adventure Rider. Dismiss Notice. Become a site supporter for a free shirt and ad free viewing. Jimmy the HeaterJan 2, I have a nice lil '04 ninja that is bone stock and let me first say that I'm NOT looking for more power just a different kind of throttle response. The stock CV carbs while very beginner friendly are very slow revving to me.

flat slide carb

Open the throttle and it takes it's own sweet time getting up there even while revving in neutral. All my other bikes are either fuel injected or have carbs where the cable directly acts on the slide flat or round slide etc Has any one ever transplanted a flat or round slide carb onto a bike that originally came with CV's? If you did was the throttle response what you had expected? I tried posting this question over on the Ninja board and basically got told that it's perfect as is and to leave it alone I put flat slides on my Bonneville - but after removing the air intake system.

I found that removing the airbox totally changed the throttle response even with the CV carbs. The bike revved much more freely. Putting the flat slides on made it rev even more freely again. I ended up with more power and torque too, across the whole rev range. I'm sure the same would happen on the Ninja, but you might find that you can do something with the air intake to get more throttle response. I am not familiar with the Ninjaso I don't know what you have to work with there.

I'm surprised you would get that response from an enthusiasts board - usually there are people all over modifying the bikes. Maybe you have to be a trailblazer?

ADV Sponsors. ScudmanJan 2, Joined: Apr 30, Oddometer: That's a little bit misleading. My flatslides provide way better response at low rpms than my CVs did.

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My mpg has not suffered either. YMMV I guess. I'd play with the CVs a bit first though, they are reliable and easy to setup. Sometimes simple changes like shimming the needle up a little can make a lot of difference to mid range response, and maybe an adjustment to the mixture screw.

LuciferMuttJan 2, The Ninja has quite a heavy flywheel. That's half the reason for the slow revving -- it's not just the carbs. FWIW I think you are asking for more trouble than you are going to solve. Joined: Jul 29, Oddometer: 13, Location: Lidsville.Air flows faster and smoother through the TM Series venturi due to the flat slide design and the jet blocks which help create smooth bore effect.

The high velocity of the air flow means a stronger vacuum at the needle jet providing more precise metering and better throttle response. Renowned in Australia for decades as the ideal replacement for temperamental OEM carbs on big 4-stroke singles, when just wanting an easy starting, smooth operating carburetor which also as a bonus delivers some more power.

These carburetors can be adapted to a number of different applications from single to multi-cylinder engines, giving better throttle response, improved acceleration, increased horsepower and torque.

flat slide carb

Compare your existing carburetors dimensions against those listed for each carb for direct replacement compatibility and study the pictures taken on our graph board the black lines are at 10mm spacings with 1mm increments in betweento determine available space if fitting in an unpublicized application.

This is easily done by your local machine shop or any muffler shop with a pipe expander and the results far surpass the inconvenience. The picture in each carburetor description showing the cables, shows the required length of inner cable protrusion and securing fitting required at the carb end.

Menu Search. Mikuni TM series Flat slide Carburetors.CV Carb vs. Below is what I have condensed from him Here are the problems with a typical CV carb. Constant Velocity CV carburetors are common in many street bike applications because they are able to produce a more smooth acceleration ramp and reduce engine bog, but!!!

CV's do prevent an engine from being fed more fuel than it can handle for the given application.

High Performance Carburetors for Motorcycles

With a CV carb Slam the throttle open or try to ramp it on too quickly and the slide only opens as fast as engine vacuum builds. Some of us "Old Timers" that spent hours under a hood with those older style carbs know. Engine modifications can actually hurt performance if vacuum levels are not maintained if staying with a CV carb. For example when you are on a trail This becomes built-in to muscle memory. If you ever go with a Slide Carb setup you will notice. Even removing the stock airbox and going with an aftermarket filter and redneck mod you still are dependant on the design of the CV carb.

My opinion they are perfect for Total Stock applications and ease of operation. This is the main reason the design was chosen. The Flat Slide yields the best performance, but at the cost of Tuning and investment in time and a jet kit for your elevation and other elevations.

The Round Slide is much more forgiving, but you still have to invest in the same Tuning, Jetting and Time, but should be much easier.

Mikuni TM33-8012 Flat Slide 33mm Carburetor - Accelerator Pump

I'm definitely not saying that you can't do one without the other, but you will get the best performance gain by doing both at the same time. One other item that is not considered when moving to a TM or VM carb is the quality and proper setup of the throttle cable. I found this out first hand and is a basic hidden knowledge that I didn't think about until pointed out to me.

Just like after modification of the clutch and variator parts the logical upgrade is to a Kevlar belt These performance mods are felt right away and are the best-First steps in the mod process. The exhaust would be the Second step to provide more efficient power and then onto the Third step with an intake and carb upgrade. It's up to the buggy owner whether they want to go with the easier-larger CV carb or go with the best option for performance with a Round Slide VM carb.

The TM carb's are not much more money, but you will spend more time tuning and are on the opposite end of consistency. You gotta put in the time and find the people that have the knowledge to tune. I have spent some painful hours in the past month to get this far and haven't gotten discouraged because I have seen progress in the little changes.

I'll share more when I have more Great write up. I might just make this a sticky!Some of the links on this site are Amazon affiliate links. If you click on them and make a purchase, we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Thank you for your continued support! It's simple to identify a Mikuni Carburetor by looking at the top view of the float chamber cover, the cover gasket of the float chamber or the jet chamber cover gasket. The word Mikuni ought to be printed somewhere on the carburetor. It could be in small or large letters. To distinguish Mikuni from Solex, note that Solex printed carburetors with a made in Italy, Germany or anywhere else in Europe sign points to the fact that this is not a Mikuni carburetor but a purely European Solex.

Mikuni Carburetors are carburetors made by a company in Japan and used in Japanese bikes such as Hondas, Kawasakis, and Yamahas.

CV Carburetor VS Mikuni flat slide - ep34 - Roma Custom Bike

For those who own motorcycles, there are different integral parts that you need to invest in for your machine to function optimally.

The carburetor, for example, is one of the most important parts of your bike. It heavily influences the throttle: the response and control that you have as the rider. It has the power to improve throttle control which is desirable to the rider.

How To Clean Your Snowmobile Carbs

A time comes when you need to replace your carburetor, adjust it or even rebuild it. You could leave the work to the professionals at the dealership or choose to do it yourself.

While there are tutorials on how to do this, the first thing that you need to identify is which type of carb you have. Once you have this covered, everything else will fall into place much easier.

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A Mikuni carburetor, like any other carburetor, is a mechanical device. It works in motorcycles to combine air and fuel within the internal combustion engine. Its primary job is to control air flow into the engine. During this controlling process, the air pressure within the engine is determined by the speed at which the air enters the combustion engine. The unique thing about Mikuni carburetors is that they are manufactured in Japan and consequently used in Kawasaki, Honda, Yamaha and other Japanese motorcycles.

There are a number of advantages to be enjoyed from using Mikuni carburetors. The first is that it drastically improves throttle response. It does work best with a stock motor. Secondly, it is easier to tune and does not force you to pay extra to get a professional to do it for you as you can do it yourself.

Thirdly, it makes the motorcycle much easier to start which many enjoy. In general, the Mikuni carburetor drastically improves the performance of your motorcycle.Sold Separarely.

Add 1 per carb ordered. No exceptions. These VM carburetors are not orginal replacement carburetors.

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Jetting changes will be required for most applications. Oil Injection for 2-strokes. The carburetors sold here are not set up for oil injection found on many vintage 2-stroke motorcycles. We offer this service for the Yamaha RD's. This service includes drilling and installing a new nozzle. Select Oil injection option if you want this service.

Throttle Cable. These VM carburetors are not orginal replacement carburetors, t he slides may be slightly different from original equipment carburetors. For the R5 and DS7 your stock cable should work but a new cable is recommended. This Price Includes the install of the sleeves.

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Air flows faster and smoother through the TM Series venturi due to the flat slide configuration and the jet blocks which help create a smoothbore effect. The high velocity of the air flow means a stronger vacuum at the needle jet, providing more precise metering and better throttle response. Mikuni TM Dimensions.

Spigot Mounting O. Intake Bell O. Created with Sketch. Toggle menu Gift Certificate Login or Sign Up 0. You save. No reviews yet Write a Review. Special Jetting: Special Jetting. Add oil Injection Nozzle:. Current Stock:. Quantity: Decrease Quantity: Increase Quantity:. Share This Article. D Intake Bell O. Product Videos. Custom Field. You May Also Like Choose Options. Add to Cart. Mikuni TM Standard Jetting. Mikuni No. Main Jet. Pilot Jet. Needle Jet.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

flat slide carb

For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Lectron Technical Information. The primary obstacles to getting maximum airflow into an engine are the carburetor, intake manifold and port.

In an engine a rapid repeating sequence of controlled explosions in the combustion chamber creates the power. The carburetor must mix the air and fuel in the correct proportions to obtain an optimum air to fuel ratio. Maximum air velocity is obtained at the point where the patented metering rod vaporizes the fuel with the passing air.

The metering rod, which vaporizes the fuel, is located behind the air cut-off slide; therefore it is directly exposed to the manifold pressure of the engine.

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In most other carburetors the needle is in the center of a round slide or on the end of a flat slide, therefore keeping it out of the manifold pressure. The increased air velocity in the venturi aids in creating a stronger fuel pick up signal at the fuel-metering rod. The air flow moves more rapidly past the needle in this taper bore design, more so than in a conventional straight bore carburetor. The shape of the metering needle in itself is a fuel signal-generating device.

The flat side of the needle in a High Velocity Chamber, enhances the fuel pick up signal. The metering rod accomplishes this by creating divergence. This divergence is similar to the low-pressure area created by an air craft wing, which utilizes low pressure to create lift.

The shape and contour of the ground surface of the metering rod controls how much fuel is allowed to be drawn up in response to the extremely strong fuel pick-up signal. The various numbers of the metering rod relate to the depth of the grind at various throttle positions. The depth of the grind determines the amount of fuel delivered. The metering rod does not contain transitions from idle to mid-range and wide-open power, but rather provides for a smooth consistent throttle response.

The fuel pick-up signal at the base of the metering rod is twice as strong as found on conventional carburetors.COM Enter keywords or a search phrase below: Search. What Tires Should You Use? American Snowmobiler Gear. American Snowmobiler Back Issues.

American Snowmobiler Calendar. Login or Register Customer Service. By Jason Houle August 10, Today's new "rack" twin cylinder flat slide carburetors are still using the same technology as the older unracked or round slide carbs of years past. However, today's newer versions have some serious performance and tuneability improvements. The use of only one idle adjustment, one throttle pull, and one choke lever are a few of the advancements that help with consumer consistency and reliability.

When comparing an older round slide carb to the newer flat slide you'll notice an increase in throttle response and improved gasoline atomization, which in-turn will increase horsepower potential, and gas mileage. Even though the newer carburetors are more advanced and easier to use, many of the same theories still apply, and you should still regularly inspect, clean and maintain carbs regardless of how advanced they are.

Carburetor Removal Step 1: Removing the carburetors completely from the machine is the easiest way to properly clean them.

Start by simply removing the air box. Then, removing the carbs in most machines is done by easily unclamping them and pulling the carbs out of their intake boots. Step 2: With the carbs removed from the boots, make sure you pull the fuel line off the tee intake between both carburetors.

Step 3: Then, there are two cables that need to be undone or separated from the carb; these are the throttle and choke. These cables can be removed by using a needle-nose pliers to pull the e-clip and unwind the cable out of its locked-in area. When removing the cable from its mount it's best not to un-tighten the top lock nut.

The lock nut setting is your current setting, so if you cannot re-adjust the cables it's best not to change the current location. Step 4: With the carbs completely unhooked from the cables you are able to start unbolting the carb float bowls. The typical Mikuni carb bowl has two mounting procedures. There may be a small screw on one of the corners. This allows removal of the center bowl nut without having the float bowl disconnect from the body during a main jet change.


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